Charan Gadhvi International Foundation



We are committed to educate and take care of health of our members and arrange safety awareness and environment awareness programs within community as well others for minimizing waste and encourage people towards optimum Use of natural resources.



The management of CGIF have been classified in to two Hierarchy network

  1. Functional Hierarchy structures:There are 10 functions including HRA to cover various objectives of the company, each function is headed by Vice president (VP) at corporate level, Regional Director (RD) or Regional manager (RM) at Regional level and Department manager (DM) or Team leader (TL) at Center level.
  2. Administrative Hierarchy Structure: All the functional leaders at various level are administratively connected with respective Admin heads (Chief operating Officer (COO) at Corporate Level, Regional Director & Controller (RDC) at Regional Level and Director Center Operation (DCO) at Center level).

All the positions in CGIF are voluntary /non-paid positions except the office staff.


  • 2.1.1 Supreme council (advisory body): Apex level body, which will provide advisory role to the executive body in terms of judiciary, long term plans, selection of members and visionary matters. This committee will have Max. of 21 members [mini. 5 women], the members of the Supreme shall be nominated based on merits from following sectors among Charan-Gadhvi community: Political sector, Education sector, Administrative sector ,Defense services, Professionals, Arts & literature, Social sector and Industrial / Business sector
  • 2.1.2. Executive Committee: shall have overall control over the execution of all activities of CGIF. All the functional heads (VP), Regional Administrative heads (RDC) and Executive Secretaries will be part of Executive committee. Committee will be led by Chairman/CEO, COO& CFO positions. Maximum members of this committee will be decided as per the needs of mgt.
  • 2.1.3 Regional Committee: Supreme council shall approve the region as well as regional committee based on Charan community population in India and abroad so that CGIF can reach to the grass root level of Charan in every region. This committee shall have Regional manager (RM) positions for each departments and all will be administratively controlled through Regional director and controller (RDC). Maximum members of this committee will be 11-15
  • 2.1.4 Central committees: Each Regions will have 1 or max. 9 centres according to the populations of Charans in that Region. Central committee will be administered by Centre Operation controller (COC) and it will have Team leaders (TL) of all the functions.


To have overall control over the work distribution, the localities of Charan/Gadhvi community have been distributed in to various regions. At this stage, total 18 regions have been identified as following:


1. GUJARAT STATE (8): Central Saurashtra (CSA) ;Halar-Baradi Region (HBR); Sorath-Gohilwar (SGR); Central Gujarat (CG) ;Wishwamitri (WMR); Kutchh (KU);North Gujarat (NG) and  South Gujarat (SG)

2. RAJASTHAN STATE (5):Central Marwar– (MCR); Western Marwar- (MWR); North Rajasthan-(NR)-Shekhawati; South Rajasthan-(SR)-Mewar-Hadoti-Wagar andEast Rajasthan-(ER ).

3. OTHER REGIONS (8):- Maharashtra – Mumbai (MU); Madhya-Pradesh – NimadMP; South India -ChennaiCH; NCR DelhiDE; Gulf Countries Dubai –UAE; Africa- KenyaKE; Europe – UK- LondonLO; AustraliaVictoriaAU


Note: – Any addition or deletion of Region will be decided by Executive committee with approval from Supreme council time to time.


CGIF is intended to have its fixed income from   members as well as there will be variable income from other resources too. Executive committee will decide  the fees for various categories of membership as per given categories, fees can be varied from time to time as per the future needs of CGIF.

3.1.Members [Eligibility, category and Scope of work]

3.1.1 The membership of the CGIF shall be limited to Charan communities. Any Charan with mini. Age 21 years, Man/woman from any part of the world can become a member

  •  by registration through website
  • or through a Regional Committee by filling a prescribed form given in Appendix-C (CGIF-F-01)

     CGIF will offer following categories of Membership:(Fixed income)

  1. Patron/Excellency member: Rs. 50000 or more onetime fee.
  2. Corporate Membership: 21000 for 25 years.
  3. Executive Membership: 7000 for 10 years.
  4. Regular Member: 1000 /yr., Renewable type every 5 years.
  5. Associated members: CGIF is concerned about bottom most person of the Charan who can be associated with mission just by paying Rs. 100.
  6. Institutional membership: Any Institutions/ Mandals/regional organizations run by Charan-Gadhvi community can get this membership, the fees for this membership will be decided by executive committee.

 3.1.2 Rules , Duties And Rights Of Members

  1. Every member shall be given an identity number referring country code/   regional codes (Alfa numeric codes)
  2. The members of the CGIF shall be all persons upon whom membership shall be conferred by the Executive committee which shall have an absolute discretion whether or not to grant such membership.
  3. The Supreme/ Executive committee shall have the power at its sole discretion, to determine and or alter the qualification for admission to or continued membership of any grade of membership.
  4. Every member of the CGIF shall be entitled to attend and vote at all General Meetings of the CGIF so long as all moneys payable by him to the CGIF have been paid prior to the date thereof.
  5. Every member of the CGIF shall be entitled to receive a copy of the Journal /magazine /copy of account published by the CGIF, and such other privileges as shall from time to time be determined by the Executive Committee.
  6. All rights of a member of the CGIF shall be personal to him and shall not be transferable, and his name shall be removed from the register of members upon his death or tenure of membership.
  7. Every member of the CGIF shall observe all bye-laws of the CGIF and shall comply with any Code of Practice which may from time to time be approved by the Supreme
  8. Every member has to renew their membership according criteria decided by Supreme or Executive body.
  9. A member of the CGIF shall cease to be a member:

  • I. If in the opinion of the Supreme he shall no longer qualify to continue his membership of any of the grades of membership of the CGIFor
  • II. If he ceases to be a member in case of not payment of annual subscription accordance to Article 2.10 or
  •  III. If he resigns by giving notice in writing of his resignation to the Secretary or other person duly authorized by the Supreme; or
  • IV. At the discretion of the Supremeif he becomes incapable by reason of mental disorder, illness or injury of managing and administering his own affairs;or
  • V. If being an individual member he makes any assignment for the personal benefit by using name of the CGIFor
  • VI. If he otherwise ceases to qualify for membership under the Articles at large as a member of the CGIF.

    CGIF is intended to use its fund for the development in various sectors of Charan-Gadhvi community

    CGIF Principle criteria for Budgeting:

    • 75% of total fund raised through a region will be used in that Region and 35% will be transferred to corporate account.
    • 25% for education & career development.
    • 15% for social activities undertaken by CGIF.
    • 15% for arts and cultural activities by CGIF.
    • 10% for life support activities by CGIF.
    • 10% will be utilized for Heritage spiritual activities by CGIF.
    • 15% budgeted for running magazine, administrative expenses.
    • 10% will be kept reserved in CGIF a/c.


    ACCOUNTING POLICY OF CGIF: Board of Directors will authorize some person to operate the bank accounts CGIF in coordination with Chief Finance Officer (CFO). CGIF will recruit a finance officer in corporate office who will take care of all accounts of CGIF and periodic audits of the same.  CFO will depute an external auditor from third party.

    1. All the accounts will be produced in AGM.
    2. Accounts will be available online for the members only.
    3. All accounts will be audited by competent authorities.
    4. Any member has full right to check the account at any time.