Charan Gadhvi International Foundation

Charan-Gadhvi International Foundation (CGIF) is registered & Incorporated as trust associated company, got registered under the revised company act 2013/8B on 9th april-2015. The company (CGIF) will have max. 20 non-paid Directors (Board) who will be owning the company. CGIF will work for the welfare, cultural exchange, economical activities, educational aids and sustainable progress of Charan-Gadhvi community. CGIF is having Systematic & Organized network within 21 defined Regions in India and abroad. All eligible Charan can be a member of this Company (Organization) and work for the welfare of the community.

Management Aspects of CGIF:

The management structure has been designed based on following eight aspects:
(i) Advisory inputs for policy making, Judiciary role and networking/media coverage from competent authorities,
(ii) Procedural guidelines, co-ordination and centralized control at corporate level.
(iii) Execution of real work at regional and center level.
(iv) Communication channel from an individual to corporate level and vice versa.
(v) Systematic and value based Organization.
(vi) Involvement and Empowerment to women in management functions.
(vii) United diversity by the people and unity as one
(viii) Long term sustainability and progress.

Sustainability of CGIF:
The operations of CGIF will be sustainable based on its values, objectives and its income resources. The income of the company will come through following resources:
(i) Fixed income from members of CGIF.
(ii) Variable income through donations & Aids &fund raising programs.
(iii) Earning from investment, Sales of products/franchises etc.
(iv) Institutional contribution for specific purpose.
All the income will be used for various purposes /Objectives of the company (CGIF). CGIF have defined policy for the usage of fund in various categories.


  • Charan is an ancient Tribe with great Heritage values.
  • Charan/Gadhvi is scattered in 9 states of India and other countries & they need common platform for connectivity for Unity.
  • A need of time to connect all Charan with their Heritage values.
  • To connect all organization to make collective effort for welfare of community at large
  • A common platform for the young boys and girls to know each other, encourage arts, sports and cultural values.
  • Connecting all business / industries through an associated network to build systematic bridge between Rich and the poor.
  • Many regional customs and many sub-sect so young mass is confused to which value they should follow?
  • We need systematic approach towards overall progress.