Charan Gadhvi International Foundation



Charan-Gadhvi International Foundation [CGIF] is a systematically

organized global network of all the willing Charans to link the scattered

institutions& any individual of Charan-Gadhvi community to make collective

effort for the Unity, welfare and development in Charan-Gadhvi community.

MISSION: How we will do?

Mission statement of CGIF:

“A Global mission to connect all Charans for Unity, Welfare and


 Mission to establish systematic structure to connect an individual Charan

to a global network of Charan-Gadhvi community (Unity).

 Mission to identify the needs of the society, plan, arrange resources and

distribute it and keep accounting… (Welfare)

 Mission to establish a bridge between rich and needy through

departmental approach to full fill multi directional objectives of CGIF…


VALUES OF CGIF: (Principles of CGIF):

We have adopted eight values. These eight values are representative of the real Chacteristic

image of an element of Charan. All the members of CGIF will obswerve these values in their

day to day behaviour so that mission tag line “ Charan Ek Dharan” can be embodied in

youth. All the procedures of various departments of CGIF shall be designed according to the

resepctive values. CGIF is committed to carry the values as shown in value wheel. The brief

meaning of each value, is given as under.